Eco Friendly Toys Your Kids Will Love

Playtime is a magical fun filled time for kids. It allows them to discover, develop their mental and motor skills, and simply bask in moments of pure excitement and enjoyment. At Happy As Larry Designs, we offer eco friendly toys that will make playtime magical, entertaining and educational.
Our kids soft toys are made from quality materials that are durable, non-toxic, and safe for the environment. And of course, they are absolutely safe for your children to use!
Take a look at some of the best eco friendly toys Australia has to offer.
Rose Coin Purse

Price: $15.00

Teddy Felt Coin Purse

Price: $15.00

Felt Ball Sheep

Price: $24.00

Sleepy Eyes Handbag

Price: $24.95

Felt Rabbit Slippers with Leather Soles

Old Price: from $25.00

Price: from $15.00

Mini Felt Bunnies

Price: $15.00

Angel Wings

Old Price: $44.95

Price: $30.00

You save: $14.95

Large Christmas Felt Balls

Old Price: $24.95

Price: $12.50

Doll Moses Baskets

Price: from $54.95

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