Cleaning your Felt Ball Rug

How to look after your felt ball rug.

Wool is naturally flame retardant and holds up well to daily wear and tear. Our rugs contain New Zealand wool giving it a soft and superior feel. Wool is naturally dirt and liquid repellant and is relatively easy to clean.

The cleaning of your rug:

Your rug will benefit from regular vacuuming and a shake to remove dust particles. You may notice some fine dust particles under your rug, this is soap silt from the felting process and will soon dissipate.

Your rug should not be used in wet areas.

If you happen to spill liquid we suggest you tap off the liquid as quickly as possible. Then using a damp cloth mop up any excess fluid in a dabbing motion. Soapy water can be used. Do not soak the balls or rub violently but continue to dab the balls until the stain is soaked up.

It is almost always best to engage the services of a professional carpet & upholstery cleaning company if the stain is stubborn or needs a thorough clean. To get a really expert job done entrust the work to a carpet cleaning company.
As with all handmade rugs it is not 100% colourfast. Tell your cleaner to use
low water pressure and to clean on a non- porous surface in case of any
colour leakage.

If you have any other concerns before you purchase we would be happy to answer them.

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